Industrial Artificial
Intelligence Lab

2 years in the row products included in TOP-10 Best at IoT Solutions World Congress (2018, 2019)
Membership in the NVIDIA
Inception Program
About Industrial Artificial Intelligence Lab

Zyfra’s Industrial Artificial Intelligence Lab develops and implements Industrial Artificial Intelligence to automate technological redistribution, as well as to manage the planning, costs and safety of complex industrial facilities.

Our team of data scientists, process engineers and developers working in our AI laboratory has been hand-picked from leading Universities and innovation companies and includes not only established scientists (PHD and more), but also self-made ‘AI-explorers’. Since 2016 our team has successfully launched more than 30 industrial AI-solutions and products with an accumulated effect of over 200 million dollars.

  • Improving the quality of technological decision making

  • Identification of optimal technological formulations

  • Decrease in defects in complex technological operations

Can you lower the price of bitumen without compromising the quality?

Yes. To do this, the artificial neural network must prepare 10 formulas for each batch and choose the cheapest one that meets the quality criteria.

Our AI Laboratory developed a set of solutions that control quality and reduce costs in mining, metallurgy, metalworking and oil & gas.

Upstream / Industrial IA Lab
Zyfra Artificial Lift
Provides optimal control for ESP via daily recommendations prioritizing the changes to reduce operational costs.
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Industrial AI Lab
Zyfra Heat Treatment
The integrated ASP, DSS and BI solution for all your heat treatment needs.
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Industrial AI Lab
Zyfra BucketControl
Solution that determines shovel teeth condition in real time. In the case of tooth absence or damage, the system alarms an excavator operator and sends a signal to the dispatching system.
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  • Increased oil
    production via
    ESP control
  • 400
  • 1.48%
    oil flow increase
  • 1.7 m$
    additional profit a year
Benefits and results
A solution enabling the full realization of the potential of extraction will solve the problem of increasing or maintaining the volume of fluid extracted during operation.
  • predicting liquid and oil flow rate of wells for various modes of ESP operation
  • elimination of human factor in the course of monitoring «problem» wells
  • automated control of recommended ESP operating modes implementation
  • issuing optimal for oil flow rate modes of ESP operation