Unique wellbore software platform


Geosteering, petrophysical and geomechanical
functionality with the aim to increase
drilling efficiency.
Geonaft is a software platform for well placement engineers which allows multidisciplinary teams work together using one tool to leverage the data acquired pre-drilling, drilling and post-drilling stages.
Accuracy increase of reaching «sweet spots»
Lead time per well reduction
Elimination of drilling risks
  • Geosteering modeling based on synthetic well log
    curves, which are planned to be recorded during drilling.

  • Integrating the structural subsurface model, petrophysical
    and logging data within the concept of well placement.

  • Forming up reports on the geosteering progress
    and drilling recommendations.

  • Real-time well path adjustment based on synthetic
    and actual log data comparison

  • Well path optimization in terms of wellbore stability

  • Interwell correlation analysis

  • Data visualization in the threedimensional space

  • Petrophysical data analysis

  • Forming up the final report

  • Geomechanical model construction

improvement in&nbsp;in-zone,<br/>on-plan drilling
improvement in in-zone,
on-plan drilling

Geosteering module

3D module

QI dip module

Real-Time module

Correlation Panel module

Petrophysical module

3D/4D Geomechanics: Geo Tensor

Geomechanics: Pore Pressure and Fracture Gradient

Geomechanics: Mechanical properties & stresses module

Geomechanics: Wellbore stability module

Frac Solver: design hydraulic fractures