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Business transformation award 2019 «Intelligent Mine — mine of the future»
About Zyfra Mining

Zyfra Mining (former «VIST Group») is a subsidiary of Zyfra group with 31 years of experience, driving business in the field of development and implementation of information technologies for the mining industry globally. Zyfra Mining successfully cooperates with large mining companies worldwide.

The industries, branches and partners of Zyfra Mining are located in Peru, Morocco, India, South Africa, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus and other regions of the world with developed mining industry. In total, Zyfra Mining has more than 70 implementations around the world among the leading mining companies.

  • Increase of production volumes

  • Increase of safety

  • Reduction of expenses

  • Improving quality of operational management

  • Elimination of human impact

Mining company digitalisation

What are the current trends in fleet management and digitalisation in mining operations?

How can you find a balance between efficiency and safety?

How does teleoperated mining equipment affect production efficiency?

We have the answers.

Mining vehicles
Drill rigs

Equipment distribution, production increase with current stock

+10-12% production increase

Work optimization and resource quality control

+10-12% production increase

High-accuracy well orientation, drilling control

+10-12% production increase

Driver and road state control, predictive tire diagnostics

+3-5% production increase

Excavator teeth control, granulometry.

13,2M Euro per unit of equipment

+3-5% production increase

Layer analysis, rock quality prediction

+3-5% production increase

Robotized unmanned mining equipment

+15-20% production increase

Unmanned excavator

+15-20% production increase

Robotized drilling machine

+15-20% production increase

Learn more about Zyfra Mining
Learn more about Zyfra Mining
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Zyfra OpenMine
Mine fleet management system for open-pit mining.
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Zyfra Underground
Dispatch and mining works optimization for underground mines.
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Zyfra Precision Drill
Automated drill rig management system based on high-precision gnss navigation.
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Zyfra Safety
Industrial safety & shift management system.
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Industrial AI Lab
Zyfra BucketControl
Solution that determines shovel teeth condition in real time. In the case of tooth absence or damage, the system alarms an excavator operator and sends a signal to the dispatching system.
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Learn more about Zyfra Mining —
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